A Respected Photojournalist,
Issa Sharp studied Photography at Art Center College in Pasadena. Her real work began shortly thereafter with a self assigned project documenting homeless kids on Hollywood Blvd. The results were so impressive that she was soon getting assignments from the LA Weekly, a relationship that continues to this day. Her work also appears in Smart Money Magazine, Wired, Los Angeles Magazine and many other publications. In 2000 she traveled to Havana, Cuba and brought back a series of pictures that one photo editor described as: "Moving, lyrical and so unlike the stereotypical photography that we see of that city." Shortly thereafter, she traveled to Budapest, Hungary to shoot production stills for the feature film "An American Rhapsody" (Paramount Classics). In 2003 she was honored with 2 retrospective solo shows of her work in Los Angeles. Issa is also known for her distinctive cd covers for Dave Alvin, Geoff Muldaur and Katy Moffett, among others. Issa's evocative style is a marriage of aesthetics and technique, making her a much sought after photojournalist.
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"imagine a Life Magazine or a National Geographic photographer taking photographs at your wedding..... that's what Issa's wedding photography reminds me of"
- Alpha Chaffey, bride,Los Angeles
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